Quality Rebuilds

Quality Rebuilds

Contact us today on 027 307 8445. We are your source for PN fuel pumps, AC fuel pump spares and for rebuild of your metal vacuum advancers. Carburettor Restorations and Quality Rebuilds support vehicles built between the late 1920s and the 1990s by supplying parts for distributors and fuel pumps. 

We rebuild vacuum advancers for most cars, trucks, tractors and forklifts, when the advancers have metal casings. New PN fuel pumps are available for most carburetted cars and tractors, except those of American manufacture. 

We stock many NOS distributor parts for classic vehicles; distributor caps, rotors, contact sets and condensers. 

We have an extensive library of original parts catalogues, which enables us to specify part numbers for most applications, including British/European, American and Australian.


Vacuum Advancer Rebuild

We can open most metal advancers, replace their old diaphragms with modern Viton material and reseal them with little evidence of the operation.

By reference to old specification manuals we can determine whether your advancer is correct for your vehicle, and advise about repair or replacement.

PN Fuel Pumps

We carry a range of PN fuel pumps from Europe. These pumps have screw fastenings and can be serviced during their lives. We can obtain, in a few days, pumps for most UK/European and Japanese classic cars and tractors that are carburetted.

The PN manufacturer produces to European quality standards and has decades of experience. (Note: PN brand does NOT cater for American vehicles.)

Contact Wayne today to discuss your needs: 027 307 8445