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Specialists in the repair of Sealed Actuators, Vacuum Advancers, Distributors,  AC-Delco Fuel Pumps,  Lucas Rotors and more.


Back in 1992 Barry Emms had need of an obsolete vacuum advancer for his classic car and decided to repair the unit himself: He successfully built tooling to open and then reseal the advancer and his achievements provided a new business opportunity. He refined his tooling and methods to build a full time service to vehicle repairers and restorers. Over the years his reputation for detailed, skilled work gained him customers throughout NZ and in other countries around the globe.

Customer requests lead on to servicing of AC fuel pumps, distributors and various kinds of sealed actuators for vehicles.

In 2008, Barry sold Quality Rebuilds to Peter Collins who relocated the business from Christchurch to Auckland. Peter had the benefit of a production engineering background in the automotive industry and he was trained by Barry, over several months, to acquire the specific skills used in Quality Rebuilds products.