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Specialists in the repair of Sealed Actuators, Vacuum Advancers, Distributors,  AC-Delco Fuel Pumps,  Lucas Rotors and more.


Some of the services we provide:

  • Vacuum advance rebuild. We can open most advancers, replace their old diaphragms with modern viton material and reseal with little evidence of the operation.
  • Fuel pump repair and rebuild. We fabricate new diaphragms when parts are unobtainable for fuel pumps.
  • We recondition most makes of distributor to the Customer’s requirement. Whether you require a simple repair or total recondition. We can rebush, replace bearings and stock NOS and used parts for the replacement of shafts and rotor cams, points, caps, condensers in many distributors.
  • We use King Distributor test equipment to provide you specifics of the advance curve provided by the distributor at various speeds. This precise machine provides detail of the rotational accuracy of the distributor cam and verifies performance of both dynamic weights, vacuum advance unit, contact set and dwell resulting.
  • By reference to old specification manuals, we determine whether your distributor is correct for your vehicle and whether the advance characteristics are original or have been modified. Many problems are overcome by reinstalling the correct distributor which conforms to original specifications.


Lucas DK4 DKH4 DKY4A DKZ4A 25D4 45D4 DJ6 DK6A DM6 DMZP4 25D6 45D6 DJ4 35D8 20D8 DVX

We cannot claim to stock all parts for all distributors but please contact us for availability. Contact sets (Points), rotors, rotor cams, distributor caps, condensers, weights, springs, bushes, bearings; are available for most vehicles.

We supply electronic conversion kits for many old distributors, to eliminate points and condenser.

Fuel Pumps

We stock a wide range of new, old stock AC fuel pumps. We fit new diaphragms to these prior to sale.

We stock kits for common AC pumps of various ages and can fabricate repair kits, if you provide the pump, for most others.

We supply PN brand new mechanical fuel pumps for Australian, European, UK and Japanese classic vehicles and tractors. PN pumps are built in Europe to ISO9001 certification and Quality Rebuilds is the New Zealand distributor. We stock common Holden, British Leyland and UK Ford pumps but we can order from the hundreds of PN models, on request.

Vacuum Advance Units

We can refurbish almost all vacuum advance units. Please confirm the model you require. Best price is based on exchange of your old unit.

Brands include:

  • Lucas
  • Delco-Remy
  • Autolite
  • Fomoco
  • Motorcraft
  • NipponDenso
  • Bosch
  • Mitsubishi
  • Hitachi
  • Honda

To help us identify your advancer exactly, please record numbers engraved on the actuator, arm of the advancer, as well as numbers engraved on the body. The specification of the advancer is closely matched to the particular engine/vehicle variant. If you cannot supply codes off the advancer, please provide detail of engine type an distributor numbers.