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Specialists in the repair of Sealed Actuators, Vacuum Advancers, Distributors,  AC-Delco Fuel Pumps,  Lucas Rotors and more.

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Distributor cap NOS WillysKnight Whippet Durant Overland
Disco AU70 cap for Autolite 4 cylinder distributor Autolite part# IG1057 Fits Wllys Knight 1922-25 Whippet 1926-28 Durant 1922-25 Overland 1924-25 Price NZ$70.00 plus GST

Distributor cap NOS Dodge 6 cylinder 1960-63
Bremi cap # 8417 Mopar # 1889424 2098765 Fits Dodge Chrysler Plymouth sixes 1960-63 Price NZ$50.00 plus GST

Distributor Cap NOS Nash 1931 8 cylinder IGH1029
Distributor cap $NZ 70.00 plus GST

Distributor cap NOS Chrysler Hudson Lincoln Packard
Bremi cap # 8408 for Autolite IGP1003 8 cylinders Fits Packard 1935-54 Lincoln 1949 Hudson 1948-52 Chrysler 1946-48 Price NZ$70.00 plus GST

Distributor cap NOS Chevrolet Oldsmobile Chrysler Nash
Remax cap ES26 equivalent 816779 822465 1838100 6 cylinder Fits Chevrolet 1929-34 Oldsmobile 1927-35 Chrysler 1929-30 Price $70.00 plus GST

Reconditioned Jaguar Distributor 1957-61
Lucas DMBZ6A #40576B suits Jaguar XK150 or MKVIII $NZ395.00 plus GST